Thursday, October 22, 2009

Running around my mind

AM Run-ning down the yellow brick road..or the concrete road paved with dead leaves. Autumn in Oregon is freaking beautiful, even on the cold, gray days.
PE - Easy 9.2 miles - 6.1 - Brooks Adrenaline/ 3.1 Newtons

PM Run -
PE- Moderate/Challenging - 3.1 miles 7:25 min/avg - Newtons
The moderate/challenging is a little misleading. This run was not muscular challenging. At the clip I was going at it should have been. But alas, I think this is another indicator that my form is changing and I am becoming more efficient. It wasn't really changing on the cardiovascular system either. I was sweating a lot and at points I would feel tired BUT my lungs never burned and I never felt like I was gasping for air. Maybe next time I'll push myself harder.

In all honesty I need to take my tail back down to the track and do a 20 minute time trial to figure out my pacing. Ugh, that scares me so.....but it must be done, sooner than later.

I'm tired, good night moon.

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