Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Intervals and a new toy!

Taper day 9 of 13

30 min interval run

10 min easy warm up
5 min stretch
3 x 5 min intervals @ 7:30 pace; 120 floats

3.9 miles total

Good run....sucked it was so short. Such a teaser.

On another note...thanks to a friend with a watchful eye I was able to close a deal on a used power meter. Bought a PowerTap Pro Wheel 32-hole, retails around $850-$1000 and I got the little beauty for $500 with a 30 day working guarantee.

Now I know some of my friends are thinking WTF is a Power Meter? Is she going to use this for baking somehow? The answer my inquisitive friends is this little computer thing(hub,whatever) will be installed to the rear wheel of my bike and will measure and transmit the power/wattage my stallion legs pump out to the crank :D Also provides some nifty info like HR, Cadence, Speed, Energy Expenditure, Ride distance and time. Who says you can't have Christmas in August? This gadget is this little data girl's dream toy! It's as good as getting a d!@$ in a box!


Rainmaker said...

Note to self on process of elimination:

Ways to make Kat Happy:

A) Spend $500+ on a Power Meter
B) Spend $20 on a d!lD@$ in a box

Check...noted for future reference.

Kit Kat said...


Jer said...

You got one before me! I thought I was the gear junky! Powermeter is next on my list. You will have to let me know how well it works.


Kylie said...

mmm power... *drools*

Do you already have the Training and Racing with a PowerMeter book?

Kit Kat said...

No, not yet. It's on my purchase list. Will probably pick it up next week :)