Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm A-ok!

Heard back from my cardiologist this morning and my heart is in the safe zone. Woot! Woot! The stress test indicated abnormally high blood pressure over 168bpm (isn't this supposed to happen?); my doc thinks it could be from exercise induced asthma or possibly pulmonary hypertension (let's hope not!). So now I need to see a pulmonary (lung) specialist...but she did give me the A-ok to train. Thank goodness because I have my first 4 hour run scheduled for tomorrow morning and come Monday I'm signing up for Ironman Canada 09. I am so freaking excited!

Today is a VERY good day :D

Oh yea, BTW I will not be moving. Turns out I got a job with a badass womens cycling and triathlon retailer. I am uber excited to start!


Chad said...

That's great news... especially for us. Without training this blog would be missing something!

Rainmaker said...

Awesome on both fronts. Congrats!