Sunday, April 4, 2010

Recovery is taxing!

Saturday - Spun almost 2 hours to Kung-Fu Panda
My quads were feeling that stupid kickboard from the swim the night prior. The spin was a more challenging than I had anticipated = this made me happy.
Sue saved my up and coming bike week and let me borrow a CPU to work w/my Power tap until I get mine back from Saris. Sue - You're the best! Scones? :)

Afternoon 90 min massage w/a hot therapist. It was my lucky day! She had magic fingers and worked deep into my feet, calves and back. Oh goodlord pain never felt so good. Lol, several times she had to tell me to breath again...f***ing A it hurt. I left massage drunk - seriously loopy. I had to have my room mate escort me around for the rest of the afternoon, which turned out to be great bonding time.

As the night moved on the massage set in and my lymph nodes became swollen like golf balls. Yuck. My back felt like someone had taken a shredder to it. Tummy felt nauseous and pukey :(

Sunday - I woke up and could barely sit up. My lats where on fire! With each move I felt a deep throbbing pain. Oh joy, it's going to be a long day. Spent the next hour working it all out and lubing up my joints with Pilates. It's amazing how well Pilates flushes that crap out.

AM Run - Joe joined me for an easy 5.5 mile run around the hood. It was a great run and almost completely pain free. I find I enjoy running with others much more than running alone. Don't get me wrong, a run in solitude can be great....but I think it has a time and place. I like talking and hearing other people talk - yes, I am a social runner.

Post run I got my TRX on for 15 minutes and then shocked my feet and calves with ice and hot warm soaks alternating legs/tubs. Then another 20 min with Trigger Point. Man oh man, recovery is taxing!

Now I'm off to get lost in Wonderland - 3D yo!


Jonathan said...

How long have you been doing Pilates? I've always heard that I'd like it and it would be good for me but I've never gotten into it. Safe to say you're another advocate of this nonsense?

Kit Kat said...

Yes sir. I've been doing Pilates w/ tri training for the last 2 years. It's helped with flexibility, lactic flushing and joint lubrication.