Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Normally I am a "see the glass half full" kind a girl but not today.
At the end of December I was given a task to make lemonade....thus far I have failed miserably.

My left foot/achillies tendon grew pissy after the 30 day run challenge followed up with the birthday ultra marathon. I listened to those around me - TAKE TIME OFF. I took 2-3 weeks off from running and used my trigger point religiously. I started back up again mid January and most of the pain was eliminated. Then sporadically it would come back. I kept my run mileage low and whenever I would feel pain I would give myself a few extra days off from running. I took all the advice I was given. I used vitamin I for inflammation, I elevated, I compressed, I took ice soaks - night and day. I used that stupid trigger point kit morning, during my work lunch and at night. I stopped running and started aqua running. I bought endless massages. Well....the light came out of the tunnel and one day about two weeks ago the pain stopped. Lol, it wouldn't be THAT EASY would it? Nope, because my right leg now decided to turn B**** and now has the same symptoms. Again, ice, compress, elevate, cut down run mileage, trigger point, vitamin I. You name it, I did it. I was not being stubborn Kat. I tried to play it smart....and still I was getting screwed.

My coach became my only saving grace. This morning I was referred to an podiatrist. Not just a podiatrist but an Ironman podiatrist that understood that I needed to be fixed, and fixed quickly. I got an appointment and treated the same day.
I knew I was in the right place when I was sitting in his exam room surrounded by maybe over 20 marathon medals and numerous Ironman and HIM plaques. I stayed entertained by a computer screen flashing random foot facts. It was pretty amusing. The doc was even so kind as share a piece of a caramelized pecan candy (I say a piece because a whole one would have put someone in a sugar comatose) he brought home from the New Orleans 70.3 last weekend. I think he felt sorry for me as I was on the verge of tears.

Diagnosis - Achillies Tendonitis in both legs
Today I got
*Cortisone in both legs - Ouch!
*Prescribed a high dose anti-inflammatory.
*Custom orthodics.
*Sent home with a sock that will stretch my achilies while I sleep
*Referred to do lots of PT.
*Need to get new run shoes - goodbye Newtons :(
*to find out I have Raynaud's syndrome and if I ice anymore I risk my toes falling off as several vessels have already burst leaving them sore and purple.

*Last but not least....Next week I walk up to a start line knowing I will not see the finish the line. Doing so means I still have a shot at running/racing IMCdA - the BIGGER picture.

I need to find some sweeter lemons. Does anyone have any to spare? Pretty please?


celmore said...

So sorry to hear the diagnosis on your Achilles. I suffered a tear in my left Achilles 4 years ago while training for IMAZ.

Two years ago I tore it again while training for IMLP. It is a slow healing process but hopefully you make it to IMCDA. I love that race!!!

Hope you heal quickly.

cherelli said...

Oh bummer, achilles tendonitis...remember last year you had to take a lot of time off running and you still did awesome at IMC. Use the time to make your biking even stronger; try not to get caught up in this moment or this year - it looks like triathlon will be your thing for many years to come, you WILL have fantastic, perfect training and racing seasons to come, you will let your legs get the recovery and rehab they need, you will get stronger in other areas (core, cyle, swim, flexibility), you will come back STRONGER.