Friday, April 2, 2010

Don't Rain On My Parade!

Nike Bark Chip run - 2 loops - 5.2 miles
Sleep did not happen last night. I was up at 11:30, 2 and then 3:30. I couldn't sleep. My legs were twitching for whatever reason and I was giddy with the thought of running in the AM. Maybe, just maybe my legs were trying to multi task and get my run in while I slept? Don't they know, good only comes to those who wait. 5:30 rolled around and I could not lay restlessly in bed any longer. It was go time! Laced up my new All-Weather Newtons, strapped on my Garmin, linked up to the big computer up in the sky and I was off - like a rabbit. I kid, I kid. Today was an easy run day. Easy as in? I ran in Storm of the MotherF'ing century. Sideways pelting down rain. Ouch, the hard rain and cold hurt......but nothing could "rain" on my parade. I was running pain free in the feet and legs. Go me! Ouch that wind hurt! Felt like Dorothy in my baby blue Gortex jacket and sparkling silver and red Newton's praying not to get swept up by a tornado of wind. The bark chip was uber soggy, which was uber soft my oh-so rough and tough footsies. I soaked up the Oregon liquid sunshine and enjoyed this run to the fullest. Run Kat Run! :D

I arrived at work to find a nice little Easter basket sitting on my desk. A nice gesture? Or my bosses version of payback from when I brought in the brownies a week prior? You make the call. I sat at my desk rockin my Smartwool slippers, wrapped in a fleece blanket with a heating pad on my lap....not to leave out rockin' a whole lot of wool base layers and sweater. I soaked my feet in ice buckets post run to prevent any kind of flare up. The run in the wind and rain followed up with an ice soak left me cold and numb for most of the day. As the hours went by I was taunted by dancing miniature malted eggs, peanut m & m's and the ring leader - Cadbury Crème egg. I kept strong until 2 pm, than I broke down and devoured that chocolate. Mmmmm sugar induced comatose.

Evening Swim - 2500y
Hard repeats suck but at least the yardage goes fast. Tonight I experienced quad burn - ouch!

And now for something different.....
Why do all the Easter egg hunts have age limitations? This would be a great time for me to practice my "open" water combat on land! Oh what? You know you want to!


nrmrvrk said...

Do you just put your foot into ice water or do you use hot and cold for a contrast bath? I had luck with contrast when I had Achilles problems cycling after a recommendation from a physical therapist. I used two buckets, one hot, one icy. Put one foot in each and switched when I couldn't stand it any more.

Just a thought...

Thanks for blogging!

Kit Kat said...

Prior to your comment I just did ice. I took your recommendation alternating ice and hot and so much better. In fact, I'm working both feet (other for preventive measure) so one foot is in ice and the other hot water and I alternate 10 mins in x 2. This helps regain foot feeling much sooner.

Thanks for the tidbit!