Friday, April 9, 2010

In good company

Sat up in bed. Ouch. Laid back down. 5 seconds later - deep breath. Sat back up. Ouch. This feeling was not going to go away soon. I sucked it up. Fatigue and soreness is only temporary. What is sore might you wonder? That would be my back, lats and arms. F***ing aqua running. But today, today I was to run on land.....mild fatigue and soreness wasn't going to hold me down! I met up with Joe for what has become a regular Friday morning run.

2 laps around Nike Campus bark chip - 5.2 miles - Z2
I asked Joe for a posture check at the beginning of the run. I felt like I looked like the hunchback of notre dame. But alas it was all in my head...or upper body. Posture was still a-ok, I just felt tired. My feet were a little pissy during the first 10 minutes but quickly settled down. I had no pain for the remainder of the run or throughout the day for that matter! I did a famous "Kat drop and roll" almost 2 miles in. I wasn't paying attention and managed to trip running up fill to land on my face. Ok, well maybe not my face but my hands and the side of my knee and hip. Ouch! I think the energy it took to fall was actually worse then the landing. I quickly got back up and along we ran. By the end of the run my upper body had loosened up (maybe from the famous Kat roll?) and I was feeling much better.

Evening Spin - 70 min with some good "work" put in the middle.
I rocked my Zoot recovery compression tights all days which I think did wonders on my legs. They didn't hurt or feel fatigued all day.....until I took them off. Then they felt like a ton of bricks. I was assuming that the bike was going to enforce some serious pain on my quads. But you know what they say about those that assume right? You make an ass out of you and me! Once I straddled Carnage I felt fine. Energy was high and watts were not difficult to maintain. This might have been possibly due to having company during the spin. They say that misery loves company. Do they mean that company makes misery less miserable? Hmmmm, food for thought. Anywho my buddy Josh accompanied the spin and provided a good DVD for mild entertainment while "zoning" out. Back to food for thought - Recovery came in the form of Chicken/Shrimp Peanut Pad with fresh Thai Basil. Yum Yum soooooo good. Forgot to get a picture to share :(

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