Saturday, April 24, 2010

Going down that yellow brick road.....

to recovery.

This week has humbling.
Sunday - 7 mile run on bark chip. Pain was less than in given weeks and I was excited aqua running was removed from my training schedule and my land mileage was increasing.

Tuesday - 3 mile run on road. Pain was almost intolerable at the end. I knew at this point I had a problem that would not get fixed on its own.

Wednesday - Got in to see a podiatrist in which I was diagnosed with Achillies Tendonitis
I was then given a shot of cortisone to each leg (this was a last resort option as my condition is pretty bad and I can not use ice as therapy as I was then diagnosed with this little gem - Raynaud's syndrome. Received a prescription for a high dose anti-inflammitory and referred to PT.

Thursday - In pain from the cortisone injections and going through a mental mind**** reading about all the risks and complications from the injections.

Friday - Today I came to terms with the situation. I am injured and it will not be an easy injury to over come. I currently run a high risk of rupturing my achillies tendons, in both legs. Participating in Wildflower next weekend would put my health and future racing at great risk. For the second year in a row I will be signed up for that stupid event and never show up to the start line. It's just not worth it. Speaking of worth....I have decided to pull out of CdA. IF my recovery went 100% flawless (when does that happen?) and I heal uber quick then yes, I have the fitness to finish an Ironman. But what good is that? That gives me no self of accomplishment. I did an Ironman last year. It's not a matter of IF I can do one. It's a matter of going into a race with full health and racing to the best and highest of my capability. Trying to execute a successful recovery while dealing with the stress and pressure of my goal PR is too much for this Kat to deal with. So I'm done. I will focus on full recovery for the next few weeks - months.

My racing calendar is now going to be built around my recovery. IF things workout in the next 4-6 weeks I will shoot for my IMC PR. If things take longer than hoped all summer racing will be off and I will only be concerned with Ironman Silverman in November.

I am trying to keep my head out of the darkness that surrounds me. Anyone have any good advice in over coming depression?


nrmrvrk said...

Sorry to hear that you have to back off of your racing schedule. You'll live to race another day. I had Achilles problems for 6 months when I was doing ultra-cycling races. Luckily it cleared up eventually with PT and reduced training. As for the picture of your calf... Wow! :)

Anonymous said...

Tough call on IMCDA, but I think that's definitely the right decision. Now you can dedicate 100% to recovery and then Silverman. I still want to do the half if I can get over my own tendinitis :)

ian said...

Keep your head up Kat. When I ran a marathon in 2003 in college I had trouble running for 5 months before I got a correct diagnoses which required a minor surgery (synovitus). Sometimes you just have to take time off from the pounding. That is actually when I started swimming again which led me to triathlon. I always try to take a break from doing all three sports at once sometime in the winter usually. But I find you can always swim at least (which keeps one sane) and youre not gonna get hurt in the pool!


Tribork said...

Oh Kat...that is some tough luck. Just keep your head up, and try to find a silver lining! Do whatever you can to keep the smile on your face...and headed in the right direction!