Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Quick Weekend Recap

Saturday AM -
Swam 3k with my buddy Dean. We recovered with bacon whole grain waffles, banana's and need I say - more bacon.

I went shopping at Winco which I count as part two of my training. If you shop at bulk food store you know what I'm talkin' about!

Afternoon bike -
I had rolling hills on the schedule. I asked for some help creating a route because I am unfamiliar with rollers around the area. Well apparently Sue is too because we ended up with hills, lots and lots of hills. My training plan was to go up each hill at a specified zone grinding away at 45-55 rpms. Wouldn't have been so bad if we had rollers. I swear the hills never ended. The low cadence grinding was such a weird feeling. My HR never elevated even though my watts were high. My quads burned like an inferno but my breathing was regulated. It was pretty bad*** IMO. What was not badass was casper the ghost trying to push me over on my bike. The wind aka casper picked me and Carnage up and moved us several feet laterally - on more than one occasion. It was scary. I was rather proud of myself for sticking with it. The wind and descents are something that are constantly work in progress.
At one point we got a break when we had to stop for a train.

And here I am at the top of one of the many hills.

Upon the finish I was ready to be done. My quads felt cooked. I was a little demoralized at how fatigued my muscles felt when my cardio system didn't feel worked much. When I got home and look at my Garmin data I felt much better. 3600 feet in 45 miles. My avg HR was 137 and never peaked above 166. 166 is still in my hr z2 and I was pushing watts way about that zone. Avg cadence came to 46 moving and 60 pedaling. I was grinding away. My favorite part of the ride was taking Sue and Don home. We got to bomb down this huge hill, bunny hop a "bump" and then grind straight back up and I do mean straight up! It was awesome!
I drank my "incredible hulk" recovery drink and followed with this delicious home made Pad Thai

The night was short lived with quality time with ice and my trigger point - typical Saturday night.

Sunday -
Sleep sucked, legs twitched for most of the night. Miraculously I woke up and felt well rested with zero muscle pain or fatigue! Booyah! Thank you Trigger Point and ice. Spent 60 mins getting my pilates on with a little TRX thrown in for good measure. Then I did my 3 mile recovery run into the sun rise. Run felt great. No muscle pain or energy fatigue. My feet did not hurt. The sun was shinning. Today was going to be a very good day!

Thanks to Sue and Don I have working Power and my bike is already for Wildflower. The question is am I ready for Wildflower?

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