Thursday, April 8, 2010

A good day of H2o

AM Swim - 3000y
Speed work - challenging but all maintainable. I have to say I'm growing annoyed of the pull buoy.

PM Aqua Run - 60 mins
Z2 w/ Z4 intervals.
Motherf****er this s*** was hard! Each interval my avg HR was between 175-180. Research I've gathered about AR is that the avg HR is 5-10bpm lower then land running being that the core is cooled by surrounding water. Cooled? Say what? Why was I sweating and my skin tone the color of a chili pepper? Sweating in the pool I felt like an oxymoron. I can actually say I had a good run. It was challenging; mentally and physically. When I got out my legs started spasming. Not in a bad way like cramping. More like I ignited some fast twitch muscles and I was now experiencing a sparkler fireworks finale Booyah! Zoot compression please save my restless legs during slumber for I get to run on bark chip in the AM!

BTW - Still pain free!

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