Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Great is the power of habit. It teaches us to bear fatigue and to despise wounds and pain.”

AM Swim - 2800 yards - I drowned that just about sums it up.
A little more in depth - I was tired. Energy was low and my arms did not want to pull or turn over. Lost the pull buoy at least once. I'm surprised I didn't end up hitting the wall on a flip turn. I did lose count of a 50 during a 600 set, so I think ended with one extra. Kind of felt sorry for Dean as I'm pretty sure Oscar my evil head came out...

Off on a tangent. Some lady asked to circle swim with Dean and I today. It was at a point in our set that was not feasible. She grew a hissy fit and then said that it's supposed to be 3 people per lane. When I returned from our 50 I asked the other lady beside her what her 100 pace was and if she wanted to join us. When I look over to the other lane the first lady who asked to circle had a damn aqua belt on and was hoping away. Not swimming. Not even aqua running, but slowly hoping around. How the F*** are you supposed to circle swim around an aqua runner or a "floater"? Grrrrr. This really angered me. I have never asked two people to circle swim while I aqua ran. I can split a lane with a swimmer but if there are two in the lane and they are there first they get that lane. It's just how it is in the world of aqua running. It's people like her that give aqua running a bad name. Sadly most aqua runners are just like her.

The aqua aerobics class tried to invade the pool during cool down. Seriously people, wait your turn!

My evil head was chopped off when I had the famous La Provence oven baked honey cream oatmeal. It's my favorite!
I gave into my fatigue and took a long 80 min kat nap.

AM Run- 7 miles Nike Bark Chip Trail
ugh, I was scared to run. My "pissy foot" is fine but now the other one is giving me issues. I swapped shoes this run to see if it would help. I don't know if it was the shoes or having Joe there to run with, but this run was not hard on my feet. I think Joe just happens to be my good luck charm running buddy as I almost never have pain when I run with him. I did have fatigue. It was HOT. Ok, not really HOT but warm. I haven't ran in 60+ degrees in a long. 70 felt hot, especially since it was mostly in the direct sun. Eh, I sweat like a mofo and returned back to the house with enough salt on my face to rim a tasty margarita.

I followed up the run with another Kat nap - 45 minutes.

Why am I so tired?!


cherelli said...

how's the iron levels? wasn't it this time last year you were low energy wise? maybe your body wants more recovery for some reason - work hard, play hard, recover hard....glad I wasn't at the pool with that lady, holding my temper is not one of my virtues.

Kit Kat said...

*light bulb* Thank you! I run anemic and have to take iron sups which I forgot to do on Saturday. Totally makes sense. Thankfully I took one yesterday and today feel much better.