Monday, April 12, 2010


AM Swim - 2500 yards - lots o drills

PM Aqua run - Workout set coach
Anger/intensity/fire was fueled by the F***stick that infuriated me on the way to the pool.

45 mins aqua run
5 x 2 min Z4s w/1 min Z2 recoveries. Recoveries? You can't recover from a 180+ HR in one minute. For the love of God these intervals were hard. Executed each one keeping my HR up from 178-183 for each set.

It days like this I'm glad I have found a coach. I'm so f***ing pissed off right now I want to go run, bike or swim hard. I want to unleash my aggression. BUT since I'm paying someone to tell me what to do I won't. I am frugal and will not waste my money or my coaches time. Maybe I'll just go down and unpack some of my dishes to break them. I can always buy more. F***stick!

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Warrior said...

Yeah I love it when you talk hard. Go smash the TV