Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2 on 2 - Complete

Alas... the start to recovery week.

2nd power building phase (2 week duration) - Bike focus
6 hard bikes - executed 5 of them. Power wise I focused on threshold and tempo intervals. Made small progression on bike handling and descending.
4 hard runs - executed all 4. Focused on tempo Z3 intervals and 9-10 mile Z2s. This is huge progression as my body has been running in "sleep" mode for some time.
6 moderate/difficult swims - executed all 6. This was all about extending yardage while holding splits.
Note: These are not all the workouts, just the *key* ones

Progression is coming along :)

Now on to my workout.....

AM Spin - 75mins steady Z2 avg watts 145
My legs were D-E-A-D this morning but today was better than yesterday AND as the day went on they loosened up nicely.

My %^$%^#$ Power Tap died 70 mins - On my road bike (different hub/wheel set) WTF?! I was sure the problem was with the hub, apparently not. I got another low battery indicator 15 mins and it never picked up my HR. The stupid transmission signal blinked until it died. I'll change the hub batteries and the CPU yet again and see if it fixes the problem. I'm ready to throw my hands up and have a kid-like tantrum.

PM Swim
Warm Up
1 x 500

1 x 50 - 6 L, 6R, 6 both;10 rest
1 x 50 - DPS; 10 rest
repeat 6 x

Main Set
8 x 100 - target land 1:40; 0:20 rest - landed 1:37-1:38
rest :30 repeat 1 x (these were much more difficult then they should have been, ugh :( )

Cool Down
4 x 50 - on back dolphin

Total yardage - 2900

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