Sunday, March 7, 2010

The end of recovery week

AM LSD Run - 14 miles on....and off Leif Erickson/ approx 8:45/8:50 pace

Another beautiful day to train! This time around I was accompanied by my buddy Kyle. Therapeutic may have been the best way to describe this run, for both of us...I think. We talked so much that at mile 7 we took the wrong turn and end up descending Saltzman. Neither of us really noticed we had taken the wrong trail, even though we both mentioned how we loved rockin an easy, peasy 140-145 heart rate. Reality hit us once we just about hit the the bottom and realized we had to now go back up. WTF?! Misery loves company. We both ran back up at a slow comfortable pace, irritated at what we had just done. Ah, what can you do? At least we were in it together. Once we hit Leif we only had another 5 miles to go....5 easy descending miles. On the way back down we ran some across other Ironman's always nice to see those you know putting in work.
I finished feeling pretty good. My heel b****ed a little on and off but nothing that caused much concern.
Recovery came with hot soup, black bean burger (mmmmmm) and a good friend!

I had scheduled myself a massage with a trigger point therapist for the afternoon. I was highly looking forward to pleasurable pain. She worked her finger magic and my foot/calf is feeling oh so fine. Now I just have to consume a few gallons of water to make sure I don't get sick.

I feel well rested and relaxed - ready to kick another power building phase's tail!
And I leave you with this - my Balsamic Salmon dinner.....mmmmm, sooooo good.

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