Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Swim, Spin and tone death singing

Long course swim
1 x 500m warm up

1 x 200m pull buoy; 20
1 x 200m paddles; 20
repeat 1 x

Main Set - 1000m TT
As I flip around from 850 I run into a lane line. WTF? Apparently the pool I swim at changes from 50m long course to 25y short course at 7am. So my TT was cut short at 850 - totally pissed me off. You know how much I was NOT looking forward to a 1k m TT? And then to have if destroyed 80% of the way through. &*%^&@@#$!@#$ That pool and their nazi lifeguards drive me bananas.

1 x 250y

Cool down
4 x 50y on my back dolphin kick - core

Total meters - 2500

Evening Spin - Easy 60 mins
I still don't have my CPU back from Saris. It could be another week without power. This is driving me nuts. My Polar HRM decided to go on the fritz as well. It wouldn't pick up my HR until I was 17 mins in and then hovered around 125-127. I know it was beating for those first 17 mins because I slowly started sweating :) I checked it manually 40 mins in and it was at low 140s yet the HRM still read 123. WTF? Technology has not been my friend lately.
The workout was an easy one so I took out my pent up energy/aggression if you will singing to my Ipod. I'm positive I freaked out one of the neighbors walking by as I sang aloud Pink's - Sober with my tone death voice. I got a very old stare. Oops.

On a side note - my training blog is going to be a little less detailed in the future. I have finally found a coach that I trust and believe in. Ethically I don't think it's right to broadcast the details of said workout. I will still blog training as I find it to be therapeutic just not so data/techy detailed.

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