Friday, March 12, 2010

Run in the rain, new gear and swimming with attitude

AM Run - 5ish miles
Joe and I ran an easy two loops around Nike. It rained...the whole time. At some points it felt like a big rain cloud was following us, dumping down on us. It wasn't too bad though, the temperature wasn't too cold and I was within good company.
Joe dressed as if he was going to Alaska, but that's what happens when you have an uber fast efficient runner, running with....well a moderately paced yet efficient runner with short girl legs. I kind of felt bad. I was so slow he couldn't keep his core temp up....but then again he did have his crazy gas station hat to keep him warm. We decided to take a few picks along the run to keep things fun.

Here I am trying to block the ball from the statue. Apparently I wasn't really paying attention as I'm posed in the wrong direction and look like I'm attempting to fly. I'm an ass.
And here is an example of posing correctly.

I'm pretty sure Joe would have blocked that ball......if the statue was real.

I bought this featherweight baby at work today

Yes indeed - The Giro Prolight, weighing in just above 6 oz. Such a badass training helmet.

PM Swim - accompanied by my buddy Dean
Warm up
1 x 500

1 x 50 - 6 R, 6 L, 6 both arms; 10
1 x 50 - stroke every 10 kicks
1 x 100 w/ buoy
repeat 1 x

Main set - 40 x 50
16 x 50 - 1st fast/ 3 steady x 4 - 00:05 rest
12 x 50 - 1st fast / 2 steady x 4 - 00:10 rest
w/ paddles
8 x 50 - 1st fast/ 1 steady x 5 - 00:15 rest (6 in and my lats/shoulders, biceps and triceps are feeling like minced meat)
4 x 50 - all fast/hard - :00:20 rest - MOTHER of GOD!

I was referred to as having no manners after telling a guy to move and not loiter in the lane line. He decided to jump in and just wade around as Dean was swimming towards him. WTF?! Then he expected me to say thank you for moving. I told him he had no pool ethic.
Why is it that dumb gym people think it's ok to just wonder around in the pool when it is apparent there are swimmers actually working out? It's not like I go up to their treadmills, push stop and walk across it. Or get in some dudes personal weigh lifting space. 24hr Fitness people (most in my 3 years experience swimming there) are incredibly inconsiderate to swimmers. I will not apologize, they can go F*** themselves. They can swim into my lane for all I care, I need open water (combat) IM practice.

Cool down
4 x 50 on back dolphin kick

Total yardage - 3100 yards

Dean and I found the Pita Pit to be good recovery food. It was nice to no longer be dizzy.

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