Saturday, March 20, 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Friday - Easy, fun training day

30 min easy spin to warm up the legs before running - Z2 140w
2 loops around Nike bark chip trail with Joe. 5.5-6 miles
We decided to have some fun with the statues.
- I piggybacked Prefontaine
And here's Joe running with Michael Johnson

The morning was so chilly my lips grew numb and when I talked I sounded like I had dental work done. I never felt my feet and Joe never felt his hands.
Regardless of the cold this was a great way to start a Friday!

As the day went on I grew fatigued. Afternoon turned to evening and my mood turned blue. I often wish I didn't have a heart. I wish I could turn back into the cold machine I once was. I've always thought heartache is the worst kind of injury to have. I'd prefer to be forced to aqua run everyday than to suffer this pain. Blah.

After a night of melancholy I somehow managed GREAT sleep! I woke up refreshed, with a new attitude, apparently I woke up on the RIGHT side of the bed.

AM Swim

1 x 500

2 x 50 - A-Ok's: 10
2 x 50 - fist; 10
1 x 50 - stroke for ever 10 kicks; 10
6 x 50 - practiced a drill my buddy recommended to help with my choppy stroke. Sometime about holding on to my leg and breathing, I can't explain it well.
1 x 50 - stroke for ever 10 kicks; 10

Main Set
1 x 200 - (first 100 fast/100 easy) positive split ; 20
1 x 200 - (first 50 east/100 fast/ 50 easy) even spilt ; 20
1 x 200 - (first 100 easy/ 100 fast) negative split; 20
repeat 1 x

Cool down
4 x 50 on my back dolphin kick (core strengthening)

Total yardage - 2500

I recovered with one of my famous bacon waffles and then went on a bike ride with friends

AM Bike - 48 miles/3600ft of climbing

April and Joe biked over to my place and we then met up with Sue around 143rd. I had 4 hills on my agenda.
First was Thompson from the west side heading up to Skyline - 17 mins 187 avg
Then 53rd to Thompson to Skyline - 18 mins 179 avg

Logie Trail from Hwy 30 - 21 mins 193 avg
- Love how we're all smiling after the wrath of Logie.
Old Germantown to Skyline - 17 mins 186 avg

Managed to avg Z4 for all the hills.
Max watts 475/ Norm avg 163 / avg watts 128
Today was a good bike day!

Finished off with lots o friends and some kick ass BBQ - stuffed cheese jalapeno turkey burgers!

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