Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rebuild and repair

AM Spin - 75 mins Z2 avg watts 148
My legs are back! They felt fully recovered this morning. No aches, no fatigue, just a nice easy spin.
And get this! My power tap worked the whole time. WTF?! Technology drives me nuts.
I've gone through Netflix's stock of Ugly Betty. To keep me entertained while I wait for the next season I've switched to Weeds. Not as Happy-Go-Lucky as Ugly Betty but I do believe dark humor/situations belong on the trainer. It's good to know there are people more messed up than I - a girl who is pedaling but going nowhere.

PM Run - EASY 5.5 miles w/two loops around the Nike bark chip trail / 8:45 avg
Evening run was purely therapeutic. Running - it does a mind, body and soul good.

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