Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I've got more ways than one :D

5am is toooooo early to be doing a brick. My annoying phone alarm (If you have a blackberry you KNOW what I'm talkin about) goes off...I look at the phone, eh. Move my legs, eh. Pry myself out of my slumbersum bed to use and abuse my lower body.

Brick - 75 min spin/3.3 mile run

Spin started off rough. My quads felt like lead pipes from the hill repeats the day prior. My only savior was my new Zoot compression tri shorts, which after using during this workout I have deemed as offical BADASS tri apparel. 5-10 mins in and the legs are spinning fluid. RE: POWER - My Power Tap is working again! Thank you Saris for the excellent customer support. Updating my ancient old software fixed the "shortage" issue. I had "power" throughout the workout. Yay!

15 min warm up
10 x :30 on legged spins - I did these in a harder gear than the last few times I've done them, and I stayed fluid! :D
5 min float
15 mins - Z3; 167 avg
5 min float
20 mins - Z3; 170 avg
5 min cool down
Weeds update - Nancy Botwin had the baby. Now the real question is, will Escabar kill her now?

Quickly transitioned into my Newtons, threw on a wool top and hit the concrete.

Brrrrrrr - It is F***ing cold. My core heated up quickly as I pushed the pace. My hands and feet lost feeling after they were bit by Mr. Jack Frost. Go home Mr. Frost - it's March you F***stick. Anywho....along I ran. Energy wise the run did not feel uber challenging. Honestly I felt slow. I think this was due to the fact I couldn't feel my feet. Since I couldn't go off feel I just told myself to go-go-go and that I just did. On avg I finish this route on a 7:50-8:05 pace. Today I knocked this bad boy out at 7:30 - dipping into my Z3 pace although my HR stayed Z2.

The rest of the day my energy levels stayed high - how is beyond me.

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