Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wiggle your big toe.

AM Bike - Hmmmm, indoors or our? The sun was shinning but the weather forecast indicated the chance of rain until afternoon. Normally if it was sunny as it was I would have said screw the weatherman BUT many times I looked out my office window this week and it went from sunny to pouring down rain in a matter of minutes. Oregon spring weather drives me nuts. Most of my friends were doing a light bike today, so they would be prime and ready to throw the smack down on the Shamrock 5k, 8k or 15k tomorrow. Me? I'm in my building phase. I've accepted the fact that a PR tomorrow is a fat chance in hell. So I'll bike hard today and then run hard tomorrow. Another key part of training is growing acclaimed to fatigued and tomorrow I will be fatigued. With no one to ride with and the possibility of getting caught in rain showers lead me down to my basement. Carnage and I would be going one on one.

Workout - 3 hours spin
20 min warm up
15 x :30 one legged drills
5 min float
6 x 15 min @ Z3 (160-175w) w/ 5 min floats
20 min Z2 finish

My B**** A** Power Tap died again - an hour 10 out. Grrrrrrrr. I will need to call Saris to troubleshoot again on Monday. I think this only leaves the hub and CPU left. Thankfully I was able to get one and a half intervals in before hand. I knew what gear to stay in to hit my Z3 targets. I was highly entertained by Kill Bill V1 and V2 - it made the time and intervals fly by. I mean really, how can you suffer when Uma is out there slashing up the crazy 88s? Oh how I love the blood gore in that movie. I ended my spin with a Black Mamba striking Budd and Uma snatching Elle's eye....then squashing it with her foot like a bug. Ewwwwww.
My bike was a success. My legs felt fatigued and cement-like when I finished but I maintained good hydration and energy for the duration. 3 hours on the trainer doesn't even feel that long anymore! Oh and on a gear note - I decided to test out my Zoot tri shorts on the spin. Thus far they've received an A+ for a 75min spin/3.3 mile run brick, now it was time to test the chamois with 3 hours sitting in the saddle and the breathability. Again, another A++++! These are the FIRST shorts I have worn in a 2-3 hour spin that I NEVER felt the need to change mid spin. I am a massive sweater and when I finished I could have claimed the creation to another famous "WOman-made" lake. But (pun intended :)) my butt and legs never felt wet. The fabric has amazing wicking properties. The chamois never felt wet either! I was really taken back on how well these preformed. I have access to some of the nicest bike and tri shorts in the industry and these tri shorts surpass them all. Way to go Zoot!

I have had an infatuation with bacon waffles for some time now. My mom gave me her Belgian waffle maker so that I could finally make my own! Post spin recovery -

10 grain/cornmeal ricotta Belgian waffle with bacon pieces inside - topped with pure maple syrup = absolute bliss. Damn it, I am the waffle queen!

Now, time to finish my lasagna.

I've got a 15k I'm going to attempt to suffer/race through. Wish me luck - I'm gonna need it!

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