Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shamrock 15k

Daylight Savings Time - oh joy! An hour less of sleep.
I woke up fatigued. A week of hard building and now I had to put my game face on. I was almost sure of a PW. A PR was in my dreams. A dream......far fetched. I rolled out of bed and my legs felt like cement blocks. Oy! I took it down to the basement and got an easy 45 minute spin on. Power Meter decided to work again. I've found it to be a sprinter and only last an hour and than some, unfortunately like some guys I've known :0 Kept my power below 140 and easily spun my legs out. 20 mins in and my legs warmed up, they started to feel fluid. 45 min was perfect.

Jesse, Joe (and horns) and I headed downtown to participate in the infamous Shamrock run

Shamrock 15k
My room mate Jesse and I pre run (the hoodie came off right before the start. I ran in a tank in 35 degrees and still felt hot!)

We got there a little later than desired and after waiting in line to drain my bladder I only had 10 mins to get lathered up (sparkly green body pant) and make it to the finish line. I'm suffering major allergies and the medicine head had left me dazed and confused. Which in return left me at the starting line late and I took off with the 9-10 min pace group. WTF?! The start started off SLOW. It was difficult to weave around all the people. I felt like I was in a cake walk. But where the hell was my cake? I wish I had enough clarity to make it to the start on time, Oh well, live an learn. I suppose there is not much detail to dive into for a road race. It all went by so fast, it was over before it begun. I took my inhaler pre run which made a HUGE difference. I was able to hold a 185 HR avg for the duration with no problem. The run itself never felt taxing on my legs. I kind of felt like the energizer bunny hopping up the Twilliger Hills and then like the road runner, learning forward and allowing my legs to roll up under me. The only time I suffered was at the two crests on Twilliger where I peaked at 195 and felt pukish in my tummy. I just told myself to HTFU and the tummy symptoms would shortly go away - which they did. Never lie to yourself and you will always be able to trust yourself. :)

I finished in 1:10:35 / 7:35 avg - :30 PR per Mile over two years ago! (last year I couldn't run due to a fracture:()
I'm pretty happy with my PR as today was an end to a very heavy build week. It's shows signs of efficiency and success! The important thing I learned during this race was that my inhaler is my limiter. Without it I suck ass....literally. With it - running is easy peasy, with moderate suffering :D

Great job to my room mate Jesse for racing her first 15k and my buddy Joe for taking the top 20 on the 8K in a nude speedo, sparkling green body paint and horns....yes I said horns, nude horns to be exact. You're both studs!

Post race we all decided to celebrate our Irish heritage with Four Lokos - I makes no sense. Anywho, I think my next career will be a beer modeling. Whatdaya think?


Tribork said...

Nice beer! I am going to have to search that out to give it a test run!

Warrior said...

Irish Heritage, ha now I get the attraction.......Yep beer what a better way to spend you life after a sporty one than a beery one. Love you lots, love reading your stuff........ love you have a bit of Irish in you too. Thanks for the inhaler reminder....I tend to forget mine when I go training.

Anonymous said...