Thursday, March 18, 2010

I don't wish it was easier, I wish I was better

A beautiful night ruined by so much pain. I headed out Wednesday evening for a 9 mile tempo. Around mile 2 1/4 I knew I had to cut it short and head home. My gait was f***ed up. My left foot/heel hurt and the compensation my right calf has been making has left it tired and pissy. Both lower legs were so tight I thought they may snap by the end. Eh - finished with 4.6 miles 7:50 avg

Sleep was N/A. A little fairy flew up my nose and tickled it all night - I hate allergies. The crap-tastic run laid heavily on my mind which also kept me awake - rolling my ankle around and stretching out my legs so that my calves and feet would not seize up.
5:20 and the damn alarm goes off. No need for it, I'm already awake. Standing up and hoping down the stairs (have a mentioned how much I hate our stairs?) I found my calves to be stiff but not painful. This was better then I had expected.
Thursday morning AM Swim
Warm up
1 x 200

Main Set
5 x 50 target land 0:00:50 ; 00:00:10 rest - (47, 49, 47, 47, 48)
4 x 100 target land 0:01:40 ; 00:00:20 rest - (1:38, 1:39, 1:37, 1:38)
3 x 200 target land 0:03:25 ; 00:00:25 rest - (3:20, 3:18, 3:16)
2 x 300 target land 0:05:10 ; 00:00:30 rest - (5:03, 5:05)
3 x 200 target land 0:03:25 ; 00:00:25 rest - (3:22, 3:20, 3:23)
4 x 100 target land 0:01:40 ; 00:00:20 rest - (1:40, 1:40, 1:39, 1:137)
5 x 50 target land 0:00:50 ; 00:00:10 rest - (49, 48, 50, 50, 48)

Cool down
4 - 50 on back dolphin kick

Total yardage - 3500

This set is always hard, today felt more taxing then others. I was 2-3 seconds off per my norm. This was due to a couple of reasons. One - A friend had recommended a drill to help with my short and choppy stroke. I shouldn't really focus on drilling when I'm doing a ladder but I did anyway. The good thing was that I'm pretty sure I understood the direction as my stroke did lengthen and I felt the pull and reach throughout my body. Not to mention my thumb hit my thigh instead of my tail. Yay! Two - I was swimming in a pool that I am not used to and had a hard time executing flip turns. Three - I should have had a GU. I didn't eat enough the night prior and by the end of the ladder I was dizzy. So dizzy I forgot to flip turn and hit the wall - ouch!
Then the "case" walked in. What is a "case" you might ask? 4 men each with 6 packs - goodlord at this point I thought I may have been hallucinating. Rubbed my eyes - nope, they were real.
Joe joined in for a swim of his own workout. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I really like having a swim buddy. Words of encouragement are priceless. Thanks Joe!

At lunch I mutilated my calves and feet with the trigger point. I've been rockin' my Zoot calf sleeves all day and I have to say they feel much better.

Evening Spin - 80 mins with Z3 tempo
15 min wu
2 x 25 min top end Z3 intervals (160-175w) w/5 min float #1 171w avg, #2 172w avg.
10 min cool down

Mission accomplished

And now for something completely different - I'm a regular Venti Pike Place kind-of- girl. Every day I get the same thing in my green environmental tumbler. The most caffeine for the least amount of money. Recently they added a new drink to the line up - Dark Cherry Mocha. Mmmmm, chocolate + cherries = my favorite!They had samples last week and I must say - delish! I've been taunted by that drink every morning. Thus far I have not given in. I will win Stabucks, I will win!

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