Wednesday, March 31, 2010

That's a whole lot of....


Evening Swim - 2500y

500y is a long time to swim with something between your legs. It kept trying to wiggle out!

I'm swimming along and go up to breath and almost choke. Two girls walking around the pool/sauna in ity-bity bikins. At first I thought they were wearing thongs - So much tail exposed! But nope, bikini's. Dean said he witnessed the two guys in the other lane run into one another. I wouldn't blame them. The sight was mesmerizing. Thankfully they didn't stay around too long as I had a difficult time focusing.

As I'm grabbing my stuff from my locker I turn around and bam! More ass in front of me. This time it was not mesmerizing. It was a HUGE tail in an it bity skull and bones printed thong. Soooo wrong! Nooooooo! I almost fell over. I was temporarily blinded by the sight. Ugh, I may have nightmares about the last one.

What we take for granted -
When I got home I ran from my car to the mailbox. I didn't give much thought until I got back to the car. I was running and not a touch of pain. In fact, I haven't had any morning stiffness or heel pain since I've been shocking my feet with ice baths. This is a good sign. For the few yards I ran I felt like I was flying. I really miss and long to run again. The saying is true - you don't really know what you have until it's gone. Crossing my fingers it comes back sooner than later. My first real attempt at running again will be Friday.

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cherelli said...

Ha ha ha too much exposed booty - crack up (pardon the pun)!!! Hilarious. Glad to hear the feet are feeling better...oh, and glad you've found a coach you mesh with - have a great racing season!