Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hear me ROAR!

AM Run - Hill repeats
1 mile warm up
20 x ;45-60 Z3/Z4 sprint hill repeats - 5 miles total
1 mile cool down

Total miles 7

This was fricking hard for a number of reasons. I woke up with pretty much no motivation. The lack of motivation came from the lack of sleep. I think I fell asleep around 8:30 (before most children, I know), face down in Duel In The Sun (really good read BTW) ....then woke up every 45-90 mins after. My body has been going through some weird stuff (non-training related) that has me stressed out. As a result it is affecting my sleep. Ugh. My lack of motivation ALMOST had me at gym to use the treadmill. That says a lot since I haven't been on a treadmill in over a year. It was cold this morning, I did not want to run in the cold. You would think that one who doesn't want to run in the cold would dress to face the weather. Not this chick. I sucked it up in the Skirt Sports Breeze skort and a Zoot Etherlite mesh l/s. Last minute I decided to say **** it and hit the open road. F***ing A it was cold! I lost feeling in my hands quick. On a positive note my muscles and energy felt great. Within the first 5 minutes I could see my recovery week was a success. The first couple repeats I only hit Z3 - topping out at 178 bpm. 4-5 in and hit my Z4 180 and held it. Three quarters in and I started the feel fatigued. The hills were starting to beat up my energy and my lungs burned from the chill in the air. This only brought out my inner animal. It was thought provoking. What do you feel compelled to do when you give your all in training/racing? Some like to scream, others like to jump, some like to fist pump....and some cry. I find myself wanting to growl, growl like a wild cat. I have yet to do this as I'm pretty sure it would scare the **** out of anyone around me....or make then fall over in laugher. One day it will happen.....just wait for it.
The "easy" jog home was exhausting. The high I felt when I reached the house (workout accomplished) was priceless.

PM Swim

Warm Up
1 x 500

1 x 200 paddles
1 x 200 buoy
repeat 1 x (eh I left my buoy at home so I ended up doing 4 x 200s with paddles landing on 3:08-3:10 w/ :20 rests)

Main Set
5 x 200 - land on 3:20 - :30 rest - Booyah! Landed on 3:08-:3:10 (same as paddles!!!) with :30 rests.

Cool down
4 x 50 on back dolphin kick

Total yardage - 2500

I love the first couple days after recovery - I'm a freakin' power house! ROAR!

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

Hills repeats in the freezing cold!!! Your a rockstar