Saturday, March 27, 2010

A productive couple of days

Friday - AM Spin/Run

45 min spin - no data to report
45 min run - Nike bark chip - 5.5 miles
It pissed down on us for the first 10 minutes and then cleared up. Body was really happy to run - heel on the hand wasn't too thrilled. Many of these to come.


Woke up with no heel pain today! Maybe there's something to those ice foot baths.

1 X 500

2 x 200 - paddles; 20
6 x 50 - DPS - (35, 34, 32, 31,32)

Main Set
4 x 400 on 6:50: rest -30 ( 6:47, 6:48, 6: 50, 6:52 - I slipped on the last one)

Cool down
4 x 50 - on back dolphin kick

Total yardage 3000

AM Bike - 66.7 miles - ride time 3h45min
Power data courtesy of Sue since Saris has my CPU
Avg watts 139 Norm Avg 161
Avg HR - (mine not Sue's :)) 145 - yes Sue, apparently I need to work harder as well.
This was the first this season that I went back to my malto only strategy and it did not fail me. I never had highs or lows, only consent energy. Most importantly my tummy stayed happy. I'm now glad I denied the tasty fig newton that was offered. Train as we race, right?

Such a beautiful day! It was a great ride with a lot of a strong riders. It was supposed to be a recovery ride for me but occasionally my pace was pushed. Sue - was this payback for Logie or McNamie on your "light" ride days? Hehe :) Watts were pushed a bit which was good for me. If you want to be strong train with those stronger than you.

I had wanted to run off the bike but my time was squeezed a little short by the delay in starting the bike ride. So I decided to save it for another day. I thought my house guests would appreciate a showered Kat.
With a little help I managed to throw down a badass Mexian Fiesta BBQ. Carna Asada, fresh mango salsa, fixin's, tomalito, jalaepno bread...the list goes on! And for desert Dean and Crystal came through with fruit topped cheesecake and mini brownies; Oh my! So much good food and great friends.
A little past 8 and I am hitting a serious wall of fatigue. It's close to my bed time - Yes on a Saturday night! Everyone helped pack/clean things up and I was able to load a lot of left overs on others.

I don't think days get much better.

Oooooo, I'm stiff and tired.
Loosened up with Pilates and the TRX

AM Brick
Spin - 2 hours - Sue let me borrow the compu trainer! I had POWER!
30 min warm up
4 x 15min 55-60 rpm top end of Z3
15 min cool down

5 mile easy transitional run- pain free! I ran really ease with the fear of pain "literally" behind me. I ran so free - I felt as giddy as a school girl. The rain decided to not come down on my parade...and waited until I got into the house.

Another workout fueled off of Malto and saltstick. Another workout I had constant energy and no tummy issues.

I feel it's be a productive couple of days :)
I'm looking forward to meeting with my new "potential" coach. I need someone to kick my ass and tell me what to do. I've grown weak and soft. This needs to change.

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Warrior said...

You need a new challange, a new race! Try Europe!
Hey what's the skinny on the ice baths do they really work?