Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend Recap

Saturday - AM Spin
2.5 hour spin Z2 steady endurance - avg watts 149
40 mins in I had a lake forming around the trainer. If I had been smart I would have asked for electrolytes...which I had forgotten. At 1:30 in I started to feel the fatigue of being dehydrated. Sue was kind enough to share her electrolyte pills, unfortunately I was too far gone at this point. 2:15 in and I hit a massive wall. My HR was steady at 170 and I was feeling pukey - ick. I counted each and every dreadfully long minute watching my watts, making sure not to drop. 2:30 - mission pathetically accomplished. I hate bonking! What's worse was that it was so easily preventable.

Sunday - Hallmark VD Holiday

AM run
10 mile Z2 at 8:00s - The biggest struggle was adjusting to the higher HR. I'm used to running low 150s to mid 160s. Today I avg'd 174.
I found company 2 miles in...whom doubled back to run with me for a couple miles and then again new company 6 miles in....who dropped me in 2 miles. Single athlete's looking for love in all the wrong/right places. Kind of weird saying sorry "I'm seeing someone"....who happens to be pretty much N/A :(.

PM Swim

Warm up
1 x 500

2 x 50 steamline kicking; 0:15 rest
1 x 100 paddles; 0:15 rest
2 x 50 finger drag; 0:15 rest
1 x 100 buoy; 0:15
repeat 1 x

Main Set
5 x 200 leave on 4:00
3 x 200 leave on 3:50
2 x 200 leave on 3:40

Cool down
2 x 50 on back dolphin kick
1 x 100 easy free

Total yardage 3500

I swam side by side with another Ironman - It was good to be in good company.

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