Thursday, February 18, 2010

I feel Icky, oh-so Icky

Sleep last night was pretty much N/A. My legs couldn't their sweet spot. The lower half twitched and spasmed all throughout the night. I also had to get up 5 times to go pee. Note to self- do not do any kind of muscle rehab at night

AM Lackluster SWIM
Warm Up
1 x 500

1 x 50 DPS; 0:10
1 x 50 6R, 5L, 6 both arms; 0:00
repeat 6 x

Main Set
2 x 200 - pull buoy; 00:30
5 x 100 - paddles - 00:20
repeat 1 x

Cool down
4 x 50 back dolphin kick

Total yardage - 3100
Legs felt like anchor weights - even with the buoy. By the end of the main set my upper body felt heavy as well.

Pike's Place is elixir or the Gods
Interesting conversation at Starbucks this morning
Dude - "Is that your first Venti?"
Me - "No. I've been up since 4"
Dude - "Right on!, This is my second as well. Have you accomplished much?"
Me - "Swam 3100 yards and got some one on one action with my Trigger Point. You?"
(odd look on dudes face) Dude - "Oh, I biked this morning (huge grin!).....(he pauses for a moment)...All we need now is a runner and we could do one of those crazy triathlons."
Me....(I laugh) "Yea, something like that :D. Have a great day!"
Dude - "You too rockstar!"

As the day went on my legs slowly started to feel better while the rest of my body felt exhausted and pukey. Welcome post ART - flu like symptoms. Lactic poisoning- Ugh!

Evening spin - 60 mins
Easy lactic flush - avg watts 135
I don't think my HR ever went above 140.
My legs are thanking me for the spin. They feel much better. My body still feels like I have the flu - Ick. I'm hoping this chocolate ice cream and good sleep will make a girl feel better.

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