Sunday, February 7, 2010

The End

...of another building block.

Today was the final day of my first block of phase 2.

2 hour LSD run - lol, LSD my a=tail!
I hit the trail, dehydrated and semi-hungover from the previous night's therapeutic binge session. Mark went one way, I went the other and Jesse followed - we all did our own thing, reuniting here and there along the way. The first 10 minutes sucked, I was fatigued and my heart was covered in acid, literally. Wildwood was muddy and provided more of a challenge then I was looking for. I ended up running the 2 hours w/a tempo HR mainly staying around 160-170, not what one would call LSD. Tempos would push me around 170-180 and usually lasted 10-15 minutes at a time, I had 6 or 7 of these w/ floats around 145-155. Ended w/ a 165 avg and a peak of 183, I was SPENT.

Recap of my first build phase -
Running - started barefoot running again, added tempo runs and hill repeats. All runs ended in success with either efficiency, or strength building.
Bike - Hill repeats, Big ring intervals, one-legged drills and max wattage intervals. All bikes ended successful hitting target watts and duration
Swim - Timed intervals, efficiency and strength building drills
Nutrition - I am now able to hit an hour power workout in the AM w/out breakfast. I am no longer waking in the middle of the night hungry :). My RMR recommendation turned out to be successful :)

This last week I lost my sanity and had an emotional breakdown and still managed to execute my training/goals.
I am productively dealing with adversity, w/a little emotional venting/blogging "As long as you keep getting reborn, it's ok to die sometimes."

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