Friday, February 19, 2010

History repeats its self...or does it?

Today I found myself doing something that I never ever wanted to do again.....Aqua running. In fact it turns out it was this same time last year that I found myself in the pool...hours on end, running back and forth....forth and back.....loosing my mind. My achillies has turned into a pissy little b**** and if I ever want to run without this annoying pain I have to give it time to loosen up and heal. So in this case, does history repeat itself? Yes and No. Yes I will turn to the pool to get my run on - yet again. No, I will not allow a small injury to turn into something big and take my tail out of the game.

Aqua Run
15 min warm up
30 x 25 yards sprints w/:20-:30 recoveries (this s*** is hard! HR Peaked 170ish on each sprint)
10 min cool down

Not only does aqua running keep up my run form, endurance and power but it's a serious mind f***. Talk about mental toughness!


Coachhrd said...

I have had to resort to a lot of aqua running lateley too. It's not a lot of fun.

Ben M said...

How are you able to get your HR up so high? Do you do deep water or a combination of deep and shallow?


Kit Kat said...

Deep water in combination with working my tail off.