Friday, February 26, 2010

Another day, another workout...or two

AM Spin - 90 mins with Z4 intervals

15 min warm up
10 x :30 one legged drills
5 min float
3 x 10:00 Z4 intervals w/ 5:00 floats (184ish avg w/ at 76 rpms)
5 x 1:30 Z4 with 1:00 floats

Extra rest was good as I *think* I executed the workout. I say think because my b***a** power tap died again, 40 mins into the workout. AGH! Mother****er!!!!! I was weary of luckily for me I noted gear and cadence on my first interval which had me with a 184 avg. My Z4 is 175-195, so as long as I could keep that 3 more times I'd be good. Calculating cadence in your head while exerting high energy is a mind f***.
This workout was fueled by Tupac's lyrics and some emotional BS that I am trying to keep under control.

Evening Swim

Warm up
4 x 100 :15 rest

2 x 50 catch up :10 rest
2 x 50 finger drag :10 rest
4 x 50 DPS :10 rest

Main Set
4 x 200 pull buoy: 30 rest
3 x 200 paddles : 30 rest

Cool down
1 x 100 easy
2 x on back dolphin kick

Total = 2400 yards

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