Saturday, February 6, 2010

I will keep a smile on my face and in my heart even when it hurts today.

AM Swim

Warm up
1 x 600 - easy

1 x 50 - streamline kicking: 00:50
1 x 100 - 00:15
1 x 50 - finger trail; 00:10
1 x 100 - 00:15
repeat 1 x

Main Set

10 x 50 - land on 50: - 00:10 rest
4 x 100 - land on 1:40 - 00:20 rest
2 x 200 - land on 3:20 - 00:30 rest
10 x 50 - land on 00:10 rest

Cool down
4 x 50 on back dolphin kick
1 x 100 - easy

Total yardage - 3300

Post swim breakfast - Banana Pancakes w/agave nectar and chia seeds

Late morning bike ride -
Met Sue, Don and Dean for a 2 hr bike - no rain, yay!
Climbing Peets Mountain twice - boooo. Hehe, not really a boo. Did you read that? I laughed :) Yay! Laugh now but not while climbing Peets. The first side we climbed up was steeper and shorter. I made the mistake of going up two gears shy of the granny and mashed for the first couple minutes. My quads shouted "WTF?! Woman" and I shifted down as soon as feasibly possible. I attempted to "draft" behind Sue but realized that doesn't really work when you're climbing up hill at 5 mph! Alas we reach the top....and I was breathless, in a good way!
We descended down Peets and once again I was reminded of my number one weakness. Oh I was pathetic, pathetic at best. But it's ok, it's only my 2nd ride out doors of the season. I will find my way, all in due time.
The climb back up less difficult. It was longer and rollers provided a short recovery from each climb. The therapy season I had on the way up was an extra bonus.
Back down we I came around the bridge back up to climb I was overwhelmed by a smell. It came from lilacs and reminded me of my mom's garden and making mud pies when I was a kid behind the house. It's kind of funny the memories that smell will bring up. Anywho, the pleasant smell and memory brought another smile to my face.
One more moderate grade/ longer climb and we cruised our way back to the car.

Recovery came with good friends and one bad ass Shrimp Diablo at Baja Fresh.

Ride data
27.18 miles - lots o climbing - wish I had the elevation gain.
Max watts 427 (in the saddle!, yay baby!), Norm avg watts 155, avg watts 135
Max HR 178 (first climb up Peets), Avg HR 145

I am so fatigued at this point I'd have issues spelling my own name backwards, hence why my blogs usually have so many grammar errors and typos. I have started on the Four Loko's and will either end the night passed out somewhere I am not familiar with, or riding a mechanical bull. Let the festivities begin!

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