Saturday, February 20, 2010

She's got legs and she knows how to use them

3 hour bike
41.5 miles - 3 big climbs with 3100+ ft of elevation gain

Today it was just Feltalia and I....and this fiery foreign object I think some refer to as the sun
Climb #1 aka Thompson came 15-20 mins in and lasted for a solid 20 mins - avg watts 190 = Z4

Hit the Skyline roller to descend on Newberry. This sucked ass. It's so steep and curvy and I'm such a little b****. My fingers were frozen by the end of the descent and braking became painful. Eh....I was happy to be along the dirty HWY 30.
Climb# 2 aka Logie Trail

All I had to say was - Bring it B****

The first mile up is never that bad. It's the last 1/2 mile that hands it to ya. Thankfully I got a call from my buddy Mark and had Kill Bill's theme soundtrack playing as I slowly (I do mean 4.5-5 mph!) pedaled my way up the road. Avg watts came to 193 -Z4 for the 20 min climb duration. I only was forced out of my saddle twice - a new PR on that road for me. One day I will do the whole thing sitting, one day I say.
Alas - Victory is mine

Skyline went onto Old Cornelius HWY and the up Germanton to my 3rd and last climb - #3 Old Germantown Road.

This little number lasted 15 mins with a 187 average - Z4
Upon reaching Skyline I was happy to have knocked out all three climbs. I hit the rollers a bit longer and the descended home.

41.5 miles - 3100ft of climbing
Max watts 332, Avg normalized watts (pedal watts) 158, Avg watts 135
Max HR 179, Avg HR 147
20 mins over 195 watts Z5 Threshold
60 mins over 180 watts Z4 tempo

I had a few goals for this ride
1. Get my tail outside! - Mission accomplished
2. Successful conquer 3 big climbs - Mission accomplished
3. Have good energy/hydration/nutrition - Mission accomplished
4. Not to push my limits on a single climb as my muscles have been a little pissy per say and I don't want to provoke an injury - Mission accomplished. I took all climbs in the saddle in my "easy" gears. My achillies never whined :) although my quads did holler now and then.
5. Address fears - riding alone, descending and facing one massive climb that always makes me weak in the knees - missiong accomplished.

I have to say - Today was a good day!

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