Thursday, February 25, 2010

Know thy self

Eh, sleep was N/A. It was difficult to put my mind to rest. All the extra strength SleepyTime tea in the world couldn't help. Once it finally settled down my legs spoke up. My ankle/heel had hurt post run last night. I was afraid of this, but more I was afraid of what I'd wake up to. So throughout the night I kept focus on rolling my ankle around and stretching out my foot, as not let the muscles tighten up. I think I finally went down for the count around 3:00am. At 5:30 I was rudely awoken by my annoying alarm clock. Fatigue was present but pain in my foot/leg was not. I'll take the lessor of the two evils.

AM Spin
75 mins steady Z2 - Avg watts 145

Spin was great recovery on my legs from run speed work the night prior. As the day went on I slowly died. My energy faded into nothing and my upper body burned like an inferno in hell from yesterday's swimming. The aftermath of 2 high intensity/quality workouts were now reaping wrath upon my body and soul. I had a swim on the agenda for the evening but opted against it.
Quality Vs. Quantity
I am in the power/strength building phase of first part of my season. Rest and recovery to execute key workouts is needed.
So instead I will Trigger Point and stretch while watching a badass ultra marathon movie - Running The Sahara.

I'm happy I can say "when"

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