Wednesday, April 30, 2008

These are the days of my life

Tuesday recovery


Wednesday Team Swim

300 warm up
1 x 100 fins and kickboard; rest 15
2 x 50 fins (streamline ½ way down, freestyle remaining); rest 15
Repeat 3 x

1 x 500 drafting; rest 20
4 x 50 ~ 75% effort, breathe every 4 strokes; rest 20
8 x 25 ~ work on sighting, 2 x side, 2 in front, 2 alligator, 2 your choice
Repeat 1 x
Cool down
25 – 10 wall push ups
50 – 10 wall push ups

Total Yards – 3000

I decided to change things up this week and swim with the team Wednesday morning instead of Thursday evening. I have learned that the group swims are much easier first thing in the morning fresh, and not tired from Pilates and a track work out. Lol, who would have thunk? Swim felt good and Jane helped me a bit more with my stroke. Today I learned about having eye balls on your elbows. I think I’ve been converted to a Wednesday swimmer, the RAC (River City Athletic Club) spoils a girl. Fresh towels, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryers and straighteners. No more ghetto PSU swimming for moi.

Wednesday Evening - Part 2
90 min moderate spin - HR between 155-170

I lucked out, both gym floor spin bikes were open when I arrived at the gym and they put on a Tour De France video on the flat screen. One of the employees was kind enough to move the bikes right in front of the tv. There is not much more motivating then spinning and watching Lance. Luck out #2, I got to talk with my favorite spin instructor Peter for about 20 mins before his class. This is the 50+ year old cyclists that almost loses his lungs in every class. He is a really good teacher and not some premadonna pretending to train on their spin bike. One reason he is so great is because he has done many rides in his lifetime, several which include legs of the Tour. During class he will visualize the rides, they're pretty surreal. So it was cool chatting with him, and then another lady biked by my side for 60 of my 90 minutes. This was awesome, it made time pass by rather quickly. I kept my HR elevated and worked my ass off and it felt like a breeze. But now as I sit at home typing up my report....well I am tired. I've been up since 4am, swam, worked, spun and still have to prep for tomorrow. I'm going to sleep well tonight.
On a side not I took this rather risque picture Tuesday....

But on the norm....I feel like this, except I'm pathetic enough not to have a kermit by my side

I questioned posting publicly. Believe it or not but I am rather conservative, this pic shows a lot of skin but I am wearing my new speedo, top and bottom. The reason I decided to take and share my pic is to make me feel sexy and like a woman again. I have seriously lost any feeling of being sexy, this happened last year as well. I train so damn much I don't have the time or energy to put into being girly. I don't paint my toes nails, why should I? I swim twice a week and the pool water eats away the polish. I don't grow my nails or paint them, how the hell would I be able to change my bike tire? My feet are covered in blisters and calucious(sp?). My legs are too fatigued to rock my heels, I bring slippers to walk around my work in. I don't carry pretty hand bags and purses, I lug around a 10-20lb tri bag that covers all shower supplies and usually 2 out of 3 sports. I go days on end without washing my hair. It's amazing how long it will keep in a little french roll. Daily I am bloated on carbs and sodium, I often feel like a puffer fish.
So there it is, out on the least I can look back at this picture and be reminded that yes indeed, I am a women, hear me Roar!


upsidedown said...

Just linked here based on your avatar on and have to say that this picture is stunning.

Don't worry, you don't need to be concerned with nail polish or anything else superficial. You're very beautiful.

Sorry to come off like a stalker!

Warrior said...

Hey I saw you on trifuel as well, You might not feel it, but you definitely look it. You are a top sexy woman.