Friday, April 11, 2008

Bittersweet Triple

Thursday Triple

Lunch - 60 mins Pilates
Yay, so Barb and it girls!

Evening Track - Approx 7 miles
1 mile warm up
15 mins of drills; a$$ kickers, skips, strides, side strides
4 x 1600's with ;90 floats - goal time 7:30
1st 7:25
2nd 7:30
3rd 7:25
4th 7:15

Woot! Woot! I owned track. I think it's difficult for me to do long distance fast paced intervals because I can't go all out fast...I have to hold back a bit and tell myself I am going fast because ultimatley for me it is fast...but in shorter distances I could go faster...does that make sense?

Post track evening team swim
150 warm up

300 Farlech
2 x 50s drill, your choice of: fist free, long glide,(1/2)catch-up. rest :10
1 x 100 free with light quick arms rest :15
swim set 3 times

Marker set:
1 x 30 minute swim.
(1500 meters)
2 x 200s with buoy, long easy stroke, hands exit past hips. Breathe no more frequently than every 5 strokes. Rest :20.

Total meterage = 3250 meters.

Ugh...this was a not so happy swim. First off Jane had me in the fast lane. I'm NOT fast in the water at all, yet I'm not super slow for our team. I'm kind of in between lanes at the moment. I think she thought if I swam in the faster lane I wouldn't have to stop and interrupt my swim so much to pass the slower people in the other slower lane during the marker set. Well this worked in reverse. Because I was in the fast lane I constantly had to stop at the wall and let the faster swimmers pass me. Which doesn't count for much but I'm sure with all the times I stop I could have easily got another 25 or 50 during my marker set. My swim time during the marker was over all due to stopping a lot, two due to the fact that I haven't progressed in over a year....I am still slow Last year I swam a 1450 in 30 mins....but it was a constant swim without stopping....I had an equal swimming partner Jenny with me. This year I only pulled out a 1500. Only 50 meters faster then last year. WTF?! I have tried everything to work on my stroke and become more efficient in the water and it's just not working. I'm failing on my swim and that disappoints me.

The only positive thing out of swim was I swam my furthest this year at 3250 meters and I got out the water not feeling completely exhausted.

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