Friday, April 18, 2008



Lunch - 60 mins Pilates -- Tracy worked my ass, literally, ouch!

Evening Run - The plan was to do 8-800 repeats at a 7:10 pace BUT my quads were shot from the bike intervals the night before and I did get a good tempo run in on Tuesday so I decided to not do track. Instead I did an easy warm up mile, about 10-15 mins of drills and then ran light and easy up the Twilliger hills. It was a beautiful night and a beautiful run.

Post run - Team Swim

Warm up 100 easy

10 x 25s, 2 easy, 2 fast, rest :10 between each
4 x 100s, 50 drill/50 light quick turnover.
Drills: fist free, long glide, or half catch-up. Rest :15
1 x 600, at 60% effort,
breathe every 5 or 6 strokes; rest 20-30
1 x 50 easy
2 x 200s, at 70% effort, (I'm feeling fatigued)
breathe every 4 or 5 strokes; rest 20-30
1 x 50 easy
4 x 75s at 80% breathe every 3 or 4 strokes; rest 20-30 (OMG this is hard!)
1 x 50 easy
1 x 200 easy with a buoy, roll your hips through to both sides.

Total mtrs:

Coach Jane put me in the fast lane tonight. Why? I haven't a clue, I swam with them last week and it's very well known that I can't keep up and that I'm not "fast". I think she feels it will help push me.....which in the other two sports it does. I like to train with more efficient and faster cyclists and runners, they motivate me.....but in swimming I have no desire. I try to push myself and then just end up feeling let down. My energy was taxed last night. I was uber tired. Post workout I left while the rest of the team played games. I still had some more packing to do (moving next week) and I had to prep things for the next morning.

Friday morning - 95 min easy spin.
HR between 140-155, read Dave Scott's triathlete book, nutrition section. It's an old book with a lot of out dated stuff but it's interesting to hear his theories. I learned that he is not a meat eater. I couldn't live without my beef.
But alas, I am now freaking tired! I figure I just need some good recovery nutrition and maybe a little coffee. Thankfully my body has a full 24 hours to rest before we run 12-13 miles tomorrow morning.

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