Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cookie Monster Metric Century

Don't have much time to blog....

56 mile Cookie Monster Ride...was supposed to be a metric century = 61 miles but I got lost coming back, rode along with some guy (who was not hot )who took us on a short cut.

My body was really tight and sore from the brick the day before, I was worried it would affect my performance today but it didn't. The ride was mainly flat and we didn't really experience any headwind. I kept a moderate pace going out, 15 miles into it, 2 cookies later and gave it a little extra effort for the next 15 miles. The last 26 miles were done at a moderate to quick pace. I felt really stable on my bike and even got aero a few times. Although with my new fitment my saddle hurts a lot.....I need to go back in and get another fit done, I think I needed it tilted down more. I can't allow my rides to hurt my womanhood this much, I need those muscles

Anywho, the Monster Cookie Ride felt great....and you know I got down with the cookies. PB Chocolate chip, M& M, PB, Snickdoodle and a Oatmeal Raisin. A little disappointed in aid station cookies, they were generic store bought. The last cookie at the finish was actually a monster sized delicious one, I had enough cookies at this point in time so I just a small piece of a friends.

On the way home I had Popeye's chicken....first time I had fried chicken in over 3 years. It was SOOOOOO GOOD!

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