Saturday, April 26, 2008

29/6 Brick

Saturday 29/6 brick....

Today I woke up with's about fucking time. I'm a little tired right now so I'm just going to bullet point some things....
*Pilates felt really good on my well rested muscles this morning.
*The Kill Bill Theme by Hotel Tomoyasu does it for me EVERY time. That and Madonna's Die Another Day.
*I had a terrific ride! Cadence and rode well together. I kept a higher cadence and good power to the wheels. I maintained an avg 170-180 HR for the 29 mile duration. Too high for a half iron but it has been 5 days since I had done anything...I needed to release my inner beast. On a very positive note, there were some corners that in the past I would break at....but not today. My bike fitting kicked ass...I was much more stable and stayed in my drops. I kept my speed upon reaching the corner, cut into the apex and accelerated through. Booyah!
*The Run - oh, ouch. What is this? I am running on fire coals. I experienced hot spots on my feet for the first time ever. These seriously burned like a mother. Guess I'm going to have to upgrade my biking pedals.
*Personal note - French martini's and cheesy french food are not a good night before brick food. Ugh....digestive issues the entire run. WTF? Only managed a 9 min mile. Was hoping to hit 8:30's but the run was pretty hilly and with hot spots and tummy just can't win them all.
*Post brick my air was taken away from me again. I had issues processing oxygen for 5-10 minutes...I hate how that happens. Someone suggested an inhaler..I think I'm going to look into that.
*Endurox and roast beef is the best recovery fuel for me.

I'm a little tired now. I forgot what keeping an elevated HR for 2:30hrs felt like. I think I deserve a nap.
I'm happy Kat's back.

I'd really like to thank all my friends and misc readers that have found their way to my blogs and supported me during this trying time. No words went all helped me stand tall and rebuild my wall that had crumbled....and I thank you for that. Much love, Muah!

Tomorrow it's on to the Cookie MOnster Metric Century Ride (61 miles)

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