Tuesday, April 8, 2008

7 days on end

Monday evening.

Easy 7.5 LSD run through NW and Downtown Portland.

I was a bit concerned going into this run. My right IT has been acting up at my hip and I know it is due to increased mileage BUT I wanted to run anyway. I wish I could shoot that little devil that sits on my shoulders when I'm on the cuspe of over training taunting "do it...do it...do it'. He's such a bastard. So I give into temptation and DO IT. I meet up with Jenny and we do an easy run through the inner city. It was the PERFECT run. We had PERFECT weather, PERFECT course and I had a PERFECT running mate. The ran and somehow it was all effortless. Post run I felt great.....by the end of the night I was tired but over all ok.

I thought today I would hit rock bottom for sure. I've just finished 7 days of straight training. Started the week out with quick, fast, intense speed work and finished off with long endurance adding miles along with strength building hills.....not to mention one night I stayed out too late and danced a bit too much and consumed alcohol....which my body HATES. Throughout the week I had poor sleep, restless leg syndrome and major PMS. BUT my nutrition has been getting better and last night I slept SOLID, yay me! Today is my recovery day and I feel great! I didn't bonk....yay me again! I'm still planning to take an extra day off, Friday at the end of the week. It's going to be another long week of training, fund raising events and I think a night of partying. Overall I'm feeling good, life is good....(lol and this is Kat PMS'ing...something MUST be wrong )

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