Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday Evening 25 mile ride with Time Trails...

Course was Marine Drive. Nice and flat with easy wind for a change. I felt it coming back but I think it was much more mild then normal. Upon starting I didn't feel strong on Cadence. My balance was really off and I was a bit loose. I had to shake it off quickly. This was the first time I have ever done anaerobic time trial work on the bike. I've been doing it on the spin bike for sometime and let me tell you, it is much easier to get your HR up and with hold an anaerobic state standing on a spin bike and not having to worry about balance, traffic or hurling and loosing control. For the love of God. I did 4 x 3 min time trials with HR between 183-189. The first one I think I only held 2 mins. I hit some uneven road repair and it threw me off a little. I gave myself a 3-4 min recover spin out and hit it again. 2nd, 3rd and 4th interval I kept a 183-187 HR for 3-4 mins. Fricken-A that shizzit was hard. I swear I sounded like I was giving birth. It was hard to process oxygen...I don't think I was. My quads were on FIRE! In fact they still are...which reminds me I will need to spend some quality time with my stick tonight. I'm happy I completed the workout but I feel a little taxed. My lungs and chest still hurt and this of course results in dreadful acid reflux. Ick. I'm hoping I don't get restless leg syndrome tonight. Post ride I recovered with sirloin steak with ff garlic ricotta in a whole wheat pita, mmmmm. I took extra magnesium when I got home. Hopefully my legs will be good for track tomorrow....guess we'll just have to see.

BTW, I hate how boys can ride stronger then me

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