Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spinning at the gym - blah

Mid morning - 60 min Pilates

Evening - 100 min "easy" spin.

I was going to go on a bike ride with some of the PDX tri members but I was feeling under the weather, had god awful women pains and my irritability (work induced) was through the roof. So I opted to spin at the gym. The schedule called for an easy 25 mile spin. I figured an hour and 40 mins was an "easy" 25 miles. Throughout my spin duration I had conversations with three gym peps, listened to my Ipod on and off (Luv the new JT and Madonna song - 4 Mins To Save The World), and read up on micro-nutrients from Chris Carmichael's Food For Fitness. Kept my HR between 145-155. Felt pretty good throughout the spin. Post spin I tested out Endurox (recovery drink). Mmmmmm, it tasted just like chocolate milk and immediately restored my brain cells. I'm going to use this stuff on all my LSD and heavy intensity workouts.

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