Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Paint It Black

Dragged myself out of bed, it’s just another day…
But it’s unlike my norm; my melancholy has extended its stay.
I splash my face and try to rinse the sadness down the drain,
Again my tears start to flow as if producing rain.
The reflection in the mirror is a pathetic sight;
Disappointment, sadness and fear is at an all time height,
I have no energy or will to put up a fight.
If it takes more muscles to frown then smile,
Then why is it so difficult then running a mile?
I have lost my spark, my flame, my fire…
What’s it going to take to get back my desire?
Why do I feel so empty and hallow?
I need a leader, someone to look up to and follow.
To guide me out of this path of destruction,
And rediscover my true love, passion and function.
Although I am surrounded by people who love me and care;
Faking to be positive, almost too much to bare.
Comforting words temporarily sooth my internal sorrow,
Only time will heal, but I’m still praying the sun will come out tomorrow.

Day 3 of doing nothing.....

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