Monday, April 14, 2008

Training....Searching for the dream

I still think about that day,
The day I decided to throw my outside life away…..
Giving up time with family and friends,
Submitting to a dry spell for months on end.
Discovering which friends are real and will stick with me through it all,
Sadly most have left or don’t answer my calls.
Not giving into temptations,
Staying away from boy/girl crazy relations,
To dedicate everything I have to the triathlon lifestyle
Train, eat, drink, sleep, it’s a constant redial.
The stretching, rolling, beating and tweaking,
Destroying to rebuild the muscle I’m seeking.
The scheduling, building, recovering to peak,
Just once oh-once the muscle I’d like to keep,
But as the mileage goes longer that outcome is bleak.
My heart belongs to the extra mile…..the endurance state,
It’s caught me with endorphin bait,
It’s only my fate,
At this going rate,
That soon enough the Iron and I will have that date.
So day after day I will analyze workouts and nutrition,
Keeping my dreams alive and constantly wishing…
For heightened performance in all three sports,
Juggling over training, trying to keep the ball in my court.
Submitting to the wrath of the ice bath
To demise the lactic acid from turning my body to stone,
It penetrates every muscle, blood vessels and aches my bones.
But with ice and heat the pain will not be condoned.
As one sport punishes the other will cool,
I love my play dates on the bike, track and the pool.
Quick tie laces, running skirts and body glide,
Clip in shoes and a helmet is how I run & ride.
Railing on time trials, tempos and such
Hours in aero position….can you handle this much?
Oh yes, yes I think I can,
My aspirations are going to take me to that glorious promise land.

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