Thursday, November 26, 2009


Wow, I can't believe it's already Thanksgiving. The year has come and gone so darn fast.

I am thankful for.....

*My moma - for being supportive and standing by my side all year round. I love you mom.
*My career/boss/co-workers - I've now had my job for over a year. The "honeymoon" should be over, but its not. I can't recall one day that I've woken up not wanting to go to work. Ok, wait I take that back....there was one day, but I had the flu and I don't think that counts so much. I am grateful for having an intelligent, accountable, caring, mentor as a boss. Witty, positive co-workers and a work environment that supports the tri lifestyle.
*My grandfather and my father.....for not giving up hope and holding on day after day.
*My room mate - the woman is such a blessing in surprise. Funny, supportive, sweet and caring...I really lucked out finding her.
*My friends - I have an amazing circle of friends that surround me. All individual and unique, no cookie cutters in this bunch. When I'm down, they pick me up. When in need, they are there. When I need a little tongue lashing, they give it.
*For getting injured so early in the year - It humbled me. It threw me right off my high horse, which apparently was much needed. It taught me patience. It gave me appreciation for all the little things. As I've always said "Everything Happens For A Reason".
*For finally finding someone who "gets it". Hopefully I won't F%@$ it up.
*For those true and few that don't think I'm crazy :)

And to end on a humorous yet serious note
*I'm thankful to not be forced to aqua jog!

Thanksgiving workout
4hr LSD run on the Wildwood trail/forest

First 2hr out and back - 11 miles
Little did I know that at 7am Wildwood would still be 95% dark with heavy fog. The first 30 minutes was a bit sketchy as I could note see on foot in front of the other. Really scary when I ran into a fallen tree a couple minutes in. Oops. It rained down upon me for the duration. I was "thankful" I had the forrest to shield me from the rain

2nd out and back - 12.5 miles
Negative split baby. Could be due to the fact I could actually see, or that my legs and body had warmed up, or I had a run partner, or I'm just that BADASS as the duration goes on. People who've trained with me know. Regardless I luv negative splits. Hour 2-3 felt really good. Having a running partner was a nice distraction of time. Fatigue set in around 3:30. Maybe not fatigue per say but foot pain. Thanks to GU my energy levels felt good and my legs managed to hold their own. The rain and mud took a beating on my feet and blisters became painful. The positive thing on blisters is that they are "only" stress or worry of injury. Pain I am a master at blocking out. The last few miles I flew. I think I was high off of the Roctane. My buddy Mark joined me for my last mile back, it's always good to have a friend at the end. I almost "bit it" numerous times. With a 1/4 mile to go a fallen tree jumped out in front of us and I finally eat mud, at least it was a soft fall.

4 hours, 52 wooden bridge crossing and 23.5 miles in the mud and rain later...I finished with wings, a smile and some seriously jacked up feet.

Weekly Avg 68.87 miles - hot damn!/ Month-To-Date challenge - 172.5 miles :D

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