Sunday, November 1, 2009

One hot mess

I still feel like complete and utter s^&$. Each night I've slept somewhere between 10-12 hrs. During the day I'm up for 2-3 hours and then in for another 45-hour long nap.

A few weeks ago I decided to partake in a 30 day/run at least a mile each day of the month challenge. Little did I know that day one I would feel like I was sitting upon on death's door step with some kind of cold or flu.

1.5 mile run - looped around my house.
This had to be one of the toughest cardiovascular bouts I've had in a long time. The beginning wasn't THAT bad as I think I was still high off of NyQuil. I ran and felt dizzy but that was ok. Several minutes in and my lungs started to have what felt like a seizure. Phlegm was coming up and my nose started running like a broken faucet. I was a vial hot mess as I ran down the street shooting snot rocks and spitting my insides out.

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celmore said...

Bummer. Hope you feel better. Start getting those fluids in!!!