Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let It Go

Why do we get sick? There's no right or wrong answer. In fact, I don't believe there is an answer. I am not one who gets sick. I was looking over my sick time with my company in the last 14 months and shit you not, not a day used. It just doesn't happen. Then one day out of the blue....BAM! It hits me. As a superstitious person I go back to blaming this on the broken mirror. If you ask any person that doesn't train as much as I do they'll naturally say I over did it. Which, let me just go off on a little tangent F^&$ing annoying. I handled "said" volume for months on end, and I never got sick. Off season came and I gave myself a break. I've tapered off. I've dropped the intensity, volume and goals. BUT since I still do more than YOU, I over do it. Input from athlete's without credentials, accomplished PRs or people I don't have strong respected relationships with fall on deaf ears.
Tangent over, feel much better now :)

Speaking of feeling better. I am feeling much better. By Wednesday my flu/cold whatever the f^$@ that had violated me had started to make its stage exit. Feeling Grade A Craptastic for 5 days really took a blow to my motivation. I haven't really swam in almost 2 weeks. I think I got on Carnage once last week. The only thing I have brought myself to do is run. The only thing that will ever hold me back from running is injury *knock on wood*....come hell or high water I will run to run another day! I decided at the end of October to accept a 30 day run challenge. Run at least one mile every day for 30 days. Sounds simple enough right? One might assume but I think it's much easier said than done. You run a fine line running every day. There's a big risk of over doing it involved. I think this is just the challenge I need. For one it will be keep me motivated and provide self accomplishment over something non-competitive or serious. Two - I think it will teach me self discipline as I will have to manage my miles accordingly. I will need to still get in long weekend runs so I can accomplish the big Bday run in Dec. The weekday runs will have to be very short lived. Three - I will be forced to pick up my Pilates/Core and foam rolling as to prevent injury.

I'm excited for fun run month of Novemeber....even if it did start out a little rocky.
Sun - Nov 1st - 1.5 miles - what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. I recited this as I almost keeled over and died.
Mon - Nov 2nd - 3.1 miles - Note to selfm- Chest shalacked with Vix Vapor Rub running in 35 degree's is god-awfully painful
Tues - Nov 3rd - 3.1 miles - Mmmm, cough drops help. Oops, dropped my lung at mile 2
Wed - Nov 4th - 5.15 miles - Brrrr, cold still hurts, menthol or not. Newtons on the other hand make everything A-Ok.
Thurs - Nov 5th - 7.5 miles - 45 degrees! What a difference 10 degrees makes. Post run cough attack ONLY lasted 5 minutes, I'm getting better!

Tomorrow is will be a very loooooong day as we have our annual physical inventory. Mileage will be very limited. I also want to give my calves a little extra R & R. I think I'll do an easy 2-3 miles and call it good.

To end with something completely off topic but fun, lyrics of songs that have been stuck in my head - Enjoy!

*Ramblin' on, And now's the time, the time is now, to sing my song
*You Spin me right round baby, right round like a record baby right, round, round,round
*It's a nice day to start again, It's a nice day for a white wedding
*Yeah, Yeah - We Be Clubbin! It's packed %^&#%^ don't know how to act!
*Kiss me through the phone
*Keep Ya Head Up - Ooooo child things are going to get easier, oooooo child things will get brighter
*Gotta Get Some Lovin, Gotta Get Some Loving - Bounce to the house all by myself
*I'm a survivor, I'm not gonna give up, I'm not gonna stop, I'm a work harder
*Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am....stuck in the middle with you
*Hello darkness, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again....
*I don't want to be the girl that laughs the loudest, or the girl who never wants to be alone
*No need to ask, he's a smooooth operator, smooth operator. Coast to coast from LA to Chicago
*She bangs, She bangs, oooo baby, When she moves, she moves, I go crazy
*She woke up and took me by the hand, she's gonna love me in my Chevy Van and that's ok with me
*Stop, drop, shut em down open up shop...Ooooo, nooo, that's how ruff riders roll
*Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste, I've been around for along, long year
*Now follow me and do exactly what you see, don't you want to grow up and be just like me?!
*I fell into a burning ring of fire, I went down, down, down and the flames went higher and it burns, burns, burns....the ring of fire

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