Monday, November 16, 2009

On and on I go.....

Day 16 - AM Run 9.5 miles
Eh, the run was painfully slow avging 8:55s. Energy was present, the run felt "easy" from a cardiovascular stand point. My legs were fatigued and didn't really feel like moving faster than a turtle. Everyday I wake up and my joints and muscles are stiff and feel like rocks. The side railing to get down the stairs in the morning has become a new found friend. Not sure how this friendship will grow as I continue to use it and abuse it. I just hope my body weight doesn't tear it off the wall. My calves hurt during my run almost daily now. It's odd, they never hurt after, only during and the pain is at the start and last for 30-60 minutes....or however long it takes them to warm up again. I think this is just accumulated fatigue. I'll just keep on keepin on, with one positive foot in front of the other. I'm pretty confident I know my body well enough to back off when need. I've learned lessons....the hard way and will continue to keep myself in check.

Evening recovery spin - 60 mins avg 137 watts
Spin felt fantastic! My Zoot recovery socks did wonders on my calves and the spin felt like the much needed icing on the cake. Topped it all off with a cherry and a session with my foam roller.

I'm tired, time for bed. Life is good :)

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