Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sweet November Rain

A picturesque autumn day

Started out by sleeping in to 7:30, this is good for me. Very good! A little sleeping mask does wonders keeping it dark when daylight rise and shines. Once my body decided it was time to get up my tummy chimed in with a great idea. Home made whole wheat/grain pumpkin pancakes. I topped them off with a pumpkin/agave spiced spread. OMG - so delish.

After a breakfast of champions I figured it was time to face the day. Off to Winco for another week's worth of grocery shopping. I kept singing Destiny's Child "I'm a Survivor" as I walked through the aisle ways. Winco is one of those less expensive bulk shopping centers. The kind of place low income families like to take their family on vacation to OR triathletes that eat a TON of food. Each aisle I hit I was mocked by holiday goodness. I had dreams of sugar plum fairies dancing with candy canes. The hot buttered rum offered to butter my rum. What? Um, yea. My food wet dreams didn't last long. I was rudely awakened by unruly, screaming, Bébé's Kids. Oh for the love of......control your children. Somehow I made it out alive, to shop another day.

Afternoon run - 2 hour LSD run on Wildwood
I started on 53rd and decided to do two 30 min out and backs. I was a little fearful starting. My lower side of my back still hurts a great deal when I cough. I was also concerned about the amount of fatigue I would have running for 2 hours. The cold or flu I had last week took a great deal out of me. I sucked up my fear and hit the trails. Oh my it was a BEAUTIFUL day for a run. The trails were uber muddy and covered in vibrant colors of red and golds splattered with green. The first hour came and went pretty quickly. I ran into my buddy Brian a mile or so before I went out to do my second hour. It was nice to have company for the second half. We rambled on which proved to be a nice distraction from lack of o2 in my lungs. Funny how I can always manage to talk through discomfort. The second half we crossed a few wooden bridges. This was comforting as I felt the presence of friend as I ran over them :) I finished feeling great. It was fun to bounce through the mud puddles. Nothing is quite like feeling like a kid again. Post run wasn't as stellar. I had another coughing attack which reaped havoc on my back :( . Lots of ice and vitamin I for me.

Mud Caked Calves

I returned home and recovered with a lush bomb bath. Pure utopia.
I then opted to dance around the kitchen as I cooked and planned out my weekly nutrition. Yes ladies and gentleman I am a dork.
To end the perfect autumn day on the right note my room mate and I got sushified. Mmmmmm, sushi.

And I leave you with this

I swear the "Snuggie" is taking over the world


Mike said...

What's up with the snuggie stuff every where? Who knew putting a bathrobe on backwards could make some schmuck so much money??? Why didn't I think of that? lol!

celmore said...

Snuggies are hilarious...but I wish I came up with it!!!