Thursday, November 12, 2009

A couple of 50's and being chased by ninjas

Morning Swim

1 x 300 warm up

2 x 50 A-Ok; 10
2 x 50 fist; 10
2 x 50 Karate; 10
2 x 50 10 kick stroke; 10

40x50 Main Set
• 16x50 as 1 Fast, 3 Steady (x4); all on 5s rest
• 12x50 as 1 Fast, 2 Steady (x4); all on 10s rest
W/ Paddles
• 8x50 as 1 Fast, 1 Steady (x4); all on 15s rest
• 4x50 as all Fast; all on 20s rest - (PULL, PULL, PULL! How I love feeling like an inferno submerged in water)

Cool Down
1 x 300 - my arms feel like over cooked noodles. It was a good swim!

Total yardage = 3000 yards

Evening Run - 2 loops around Nike chip trail - 5.5 miles total
So my evening run was uh, interesting. I learned that the Nike chip trail is not entirely lit up. When I had ran it the previous morning day light was slowly emerging. By the end of the first loop it was pretty light and foggy/misty. Tonight it was pitch black and I learn the trail only has ground night lights for maybe a 1/3 of it. This wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't
A - scared shitless of the dark. Which I suppose shitless on a run is a good thing?
B - clumsy. Clumsy is not good when one is running on uneven surface and can't see what is in front of them.

My previous favorite portion of the trail turning it what felt like a Friday The 13th movie. Oooo, if I had run this tomorrow it damn well would have been! Anywho, the portion is very woodsy and the ground lights, where well here........and occasionally there. My mind is playing tricks or there are shadows dancing around me. I almost ran into a tree not once but twice! Do I think the tree jumped out in front of me? Hell yea! I think that whole area has some kind of spell cast upon it. To add to the shadows, darkness and moving tree's I was creeped up upon by NINJA's! Shit you not, Ninjas! Apparently every dude that runs on the chip trail at night likes to dress in all black. I think one chopped off my nose as I had lost feeling to my face 20 minutes. Sure it could have been the 45 degree cold but it happen right as a ninja ran past me. I'm going to side with logical reasoning - The ninja cut off my nose. Oh the humanity! I high tailed it out of there one loop planed short. My calves were started to ache and moan from my clumsy steps and my mind could only take some much of the nightmarish games. I was happy to arrive at my comforting door step.

And here I am post run - I have a fetish of dressing up for my run like the blue rejected teletubbie - Skippy Do

In all honesty I'm rockin' the Sugoi MidZero hoodie with pony tail port. It's warm and I don't care for ridiculous I look in it!


cherelli said...

and I'm sure some of those Ninjas are going home and saying "holy crap, tonight I was scared witless by a running blue teletubbie!!" ;)

Joe Tysoe said...

Yeah, I don't run the trail when it's dark.. I'm sure it's safe but I'll skip that portion you describe, I try to run faster in there myself if it's a little dark but one of these days I'll fall over!

Btw, you can run entirely around the campus on the sidewalks which are more lit, takes me about 30min just taking it easy.

Terwilliger is nice too during the winter, lit up pretty the whole route!