Thursday, February 5, 2009

You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby, right, right, round, round

2 hour evening spin
Wattage 85% at threshold, 15% endurance
HR 91% endurance

Max Watts 205/ Avg watts 169
Max HR 158 (really peaked, didn't I? Lol)/ Avg HR 138 (It's encouraging to see I was able to keep my HR so low for the amount of power I was able to put out....I'm hoping this is a sign of efficiency)
Max watts per kg 3.37/ avg watts per kg 2.78

Spin felt pretty good. My power trend line was interesting. I am usually pretty good in staying consistent in watts, but this evening I started out rather low and continued to build 5-8 watts every 20 minutes. It's nice to finish a workout strong. My legs are now twitching like a mofo. I've rolled my IT 4-5 times today with the foam tube and also had 4-15min ICE sessions. It feels better then this morning, but the pain is still noticeable. I'll repeat the ice and rolling tomorrow, hopefully it will go away soon. I'm turning to my muscle relaxers for sleep tonight, I think it's the only way my legs will stop spinning. I'll be rockin the compression socks in bed as well...yes, HOT I know :(

Have another appointment with my doc tomorrow to follow up on the hypoglycemia issue. I'm praying that a Snickers here and there will do the trick. Wish me luck!

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Rainmaker said...

It's nice to see your wattages are progressing upwards. Good deal.